About this product: Comes with one of the best wave + Echoboy & more plugins for rap vocals. If you are looking for that new sound and would love to just paste the template + the presents alone with the vocal chain used for this template! Then you came to the right place. 


SEE HOW YOU CAN SOUND WITH THIS PLUGIN: https://soundcloud.com/therealsoloe/no-stylist-remix-solo-e


For Cubase 5 & up . FL STUDIO Coming soon!


This present includes 


The track formats + Send bus per vocals mix

Also includes the proper vocal chain which includes all plugins used for this plugin. 


Wave Plugins 

Cubase Plugins 

FabFilter Plugins

+ More. 


*If you do not have all plugins please check readme file first* 

New Wave Rap Pack Cubase Present Template

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